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Camping La Higuera SPA, who is responsible for this site, makes this document available to users to inform about the conditions of using the site.

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Camping La Higuera SPA reserves the right to modify any information contained within the website, and is not obliged to warn users in advance of changes. Sufficient notice is deemed to have been given by publishing amendments on Camping La Higuera SPA website.




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Users may be redirected from Camping La Higuera SPA website to contents of third-parties websites. As Camping La Higuera SPA cannot verify the validity and safety of the contents of third party websites, the company does not accept any liability for external content. In any case, Camping La Higuera SPA will immediately remove any content which infringes any national or international regulations, moral or public order, by deleting the link to the offending website, and informing the relevant authorities about specific forbidden content.

Camping La Higuera SPA is not responsible for information and stored contents, including but not limited to, in forums, chats, blogs generators, comments, social nets or any other media which allow third parties to publish contents in an independent way on the Camping La Higuera SPA website. Nevertheless, fulfilling any relevant national or international legislation, Camping La Higuera SPA offers to delete or block any content against national or international laws, third-parties’ rights, moral or public order. This measure is offered to all users, authorities and security forces. If the user considers that there is any web content which should be classified as requiring this response, we ask the user to notify the website administrator immediately.

This website has been reviewed and checked so that it should work correctly. In theory, we guarantee the website should operate correctly 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, Camping La Higuera SPA does not rule out the possibility of some programming errors, or some exceptional circumstances of “force majeure” such as natural catastrophes, strikes or other similar circumstances, which could make it impossible to access the website.




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