Internal regulations


1.- Every camper must register at Reception, presenting an official document that identifies him.

2.- Clients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is held accountable for their actions.

3.- Upon entering, you must pay your stay.

4.- All visitors must identify themselves at the Reception and stay for no more than one hour. If you decide to stay longer, you must cancel your stay.

5.- Pets of non-dangerous breed with collar are allowed, always in sight of the owner. Pets must not enter swimming pools area.

6.- The maximum number of people per picnic group is 15 people and 10 people in the case of camping. Groups greater than this amount must be quoted directly with the administration.

7.- Entry to the venue is from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and departure is at the latest at 20:00 hours.


8.- All guests must proceed and dress in a way that does not undermine the morale, security and tranquility of the rest.

9.- The customer who is caught bothering his neighbors, intoxicated or drugged in a way that affects the healthy coexistence of travelers will be expelled from the premises.

10.- It is forbidden for all guests to destroy nature, cut down trees, extract any material, collect flowers or fruits, etc.

11.- Any person who causes damage to the infrastructure, gardens or plants of the enclosure will be held responsible for the damage.

12.- The consumption of drugs or illicit substances inside the enclosure is prohibited.

13.- The use of audio devices such as speakers and radios of any kind is prohibited in the swimming pool and common areas.


14.- Carriyng weapons or objects that can cause accidents to people and the premises is strictly prohibited.

15.- All pets must remain in the care of their owners with their respective leash and ensure that they do not disturb their neighbors. The ownership of pets is the full responsibility of the owner.

16.- The camper must leave all his property well protected. The Administration will not be responsible for thefts or losses.

17.- It is not allowed to make fire, except in expressly authorized places.

18.- Only charcoal should be used on the grills. Avoid high flames that cause damage to living fences and adjacent trees.

19.- The use of the sector for night fire must be informed at Reception, to take the relevant security measures.

20.- Smoking is prohibited in the forest, swimming pools and closed spaces of the campsite unless they are specially defined areas for smokers.

21.- All children under the age of 12 must enter the pool under the protection of an adult.


22.- The use of sound equipment above 80 dB measured directly to
1 meter from the audio equipment is prohibited.

23.- Hours from 24.00 hrs. to 08.00 hrs. are considered hours of silence and rest. During this time, the guest will avoid all kinds of noise, screaming, etc. that disturb the healthy coexistence. During these hours the use of sound equipment is prohibited.


24.- It is mandatory to deposit trash in containers prepared and marked as garbage cans.

25.- Maintaining cleanliness is everyone's job, in order to avoid pests of flies, insects, mice, etc.

26.- Keep food stored in containers with lids.

27.- In those containers destined for recycling, only said material can be deposited.

28 .- Customer who enters with his pet must collect the its feces.

29.- Smokers: it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground or on any organic matter.


* Tentative reservations will remain valid, only as long as there is no new reservation in the same date ready to guarantee payment. In this case, it will be informed that the reservation is canceled or removed.

30.- To confirm reservations, it is required to make a payment. The maximum term for payment is 72 hours, after making your reservation. Otherwise the reservation is considered void. If the reservation is requested close to the check-in date, the reservation payment method must be coordinated and carried out as soon as possible. Otherwise, the reservation will be considered only as tentative.

31.- Reservations requested at the same day of check-in will not be allowed.

32.- Cancellation due to non-arrival at the venue: If passengers have not entered the venue between check-in hours, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., the reservation will be canceled without the option of refund or changing dates. Those passengers who are going to make a late arrival to the venue can coordinate with the administration to keep the reservation standing with an extended schedule.

33.- Cancellations of camping and picnic reservations::

   33a.- Up to 10 Days before your check-in you can cancel your reservation and 100% of your payment will be refund.

   33b.- From 9 to 4 days before your check-in you can cancel your reservation, but a charge equivalent to 50% of the total of your payment will be made.

   33c.- If you cancel your reservation 3 or less days before your check-in date, 100% of the total payment will be charged.

   33d.- For cancellations due to weather conditions, natural disasters, geopolitical and / or public health situations, will only be given the option to change the date without additional charge. The passenger may schedule the reservation in earlier or later dates in a range of 9 months to the date of the reservation's check-in. Subject to availability.

34.- Cancellations of special reservations (events, groups, institutions, etc.):

   34a.- If the reservation is canceled within the 7 days following the date the reservation is registered, the refund of 100% of the payment is proceeded.

   34b.- If the reservation is canceled between 8 and 14 days after the date the reservation is registered, the refund of 50% of the payment is proceeded.

   34c.- If the reservation is canceled after 15 days from the date the reservation is registered, it does not apply to the refund of the payment made.

   34d.- Regardless of the previous points, any cancellation made 10 days or less before the check-in date does not apply to refund of the payment.

   34e.- For cancellations due to weather conditions, natural disasters, geopolitical and / or public health situations, will only be given the option to change the date without additional charge. The passenger may schedule the reservation in earlier or later dates in a range of 9 months to the date of the reservation's check-in. Subject to availability.

35.- There will be no refunds when the passenger leaves the venue prior to their scheduled check-out date. In the event that the cause is force majeure such as death or illness of a close relative, adverse weather, geopolitical and / or sanitary conditions, and / or illness of any of the passengers, passengers will be offered the option to postpone the remaining reserved time in other dates within 9 months since departure date.

Covid-19 Annex

For everyone's safety:

36.- All clients must enter with their mask.

37.- Every person who enters the venue must go through temperature control, if a member of the group has a fever none of them will be able to enter.

38.- The number of people per group cannot be greater than what is regulated by the "Step by step plan" of the Government of Chile.

39.- In all common areas and bathrooms, adults and children must use the mask.

40.- Smokers may smoke only in the assigned barbecue area, using a personal ashtray. (Do not throw cigarette butts in inappropriate places)

Covid-19 Pools Protocol

41.- People who are in open spaces of swimming pools that are not moving and are 2 or more meters away from another person are exempted from wearing masks. In addition, the use of masks will not be mandatory for people who are using the bathing areas.

42.- Maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters between people at all times

43.- The dressing rooms of the venue may not be used.

44.- For safety the use of swimming pools will work in shifts. The capacity is 50 people.

45.- Do not enter with objects that can be shared, such as: balls, inflatable games or others.